RCR GT40 Replica For Sale – Recreation of chassis number 1083

Exceptional RCR GT40 Replica For Sale – recreation of chassis number 1083

Color RED, Trans – ZF 5-speed – aluminum dry-sumped Ford SVO 302 –

Price 99K


This car is a  recreation of chassis number 1083 that was once owned/driven by Wilson Fittipaldi.

The car features an exceptional engine build using a aluminum dry-sumped Ford SVO 302 block, SVO Robert Yates racing heads and Dynatek EFI setup. Not your average crate engine.

ZF 5-speed trans

If I were seeking an already built GT40 replica this is exactly the kind of car I would look for. Many times a seller will have more invested in a car then he ask for it if selling. I think this could be the case with this car.

I believe at the asking price of 99K This car is a great deal.

I think the only thing I would change on this car is wider rear tires.

Even if the seller is not losing money on this you would be hard up to duplicate this car for this price unless you could do much of the work yourself. I’m certain the engine would cost upwards of 30k to duplicate.

Another MUST HAVE for me – Left hand drive, this car has it.

I would not consider a replica built as a right hand drive car. I  do not drive on the right side of the road as I live in the USA. Yes you could probably get used to a right hand drive GT40 but why bother with this quality RCR GT40 available?

If you buy this car Send us some high quality photos so we can do a nice writeup on this car here on GT40.net



Author: Robert

3 thoughts on “RCR GT40 Replica For Sale – Recreation of chassis number 1083

  1. I remember seeing this car before and it had a specially built engine with some unusual crank re-weighting. Am I thinking about the same car?

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