Ford GT40 Chassis History

1967 24h Le Mans GT40 Race Results

Film on Youtube showing the highlights of the 1967 Le Mans race

Race: 13,461 km * 388 laps = 5232,900 km AVG: 218,038 km/h
Pos No Driver Car Chassis Entrant Laps Reason DNF Lap time
1 1 Dan Gurney / USA
A. J. Foyt / USA
Ford GT40 Mk.IV J6 Shelby American Inc. 388 N/A 3:29.800
4 2 Bruce McLaren / NZ
Mark Donohue / USA
Ford GT40 Mk.IV J5 Shelby American Inc. 359 N/A 3:24.400

GT40 cars that started but did not finish – DNF:

Reason DNF
57 Paul Hawkins / AUS
Ronnie Bucknum / USA
Ford GT40 Mk.IIB 1047 Shelby American Inc 271 Valve
3 Lucien Bianchi / B
Mario Andretti / USA
Ford GT40 Mk.IV J7 Holman & Moody 188 Crash
6 Jo Schlesser / F
Guy Ligier / F
Ford GT40 Mk.IIB 1031 Holman & Moody/Ford France 183 Crash
16 Henri Greder / F
Pierre Dumay / F
Ford GT40 1020 Ford France S.A. 179 Cylinder head
5 Frank Gardner / AUS
Roger McCluskey / USA
Ford GT40 Mk.IIB 1015 Holman & Moody 179 Crash
18 Umberto Maglioli / I
Mario Casoni / I
Ford GT40 1042 Scuderia Filipinetti 116 Cylinder head
4 enny Hulme / NZ
Lloyd Ruby / USA
Ford GT40 Mk.IV J8 Holman & Moody 86 Crash
62 Mike Salmon / GB
Brian Redman / GB
Ford GT40 1026 John Wyer Automotive Engine 20 Loose fuel cap

4 Responses to 1967 24h Le Mans GT40 Race Results

  • Just to let you know, you have J5 and J6 mixed up.

    The red #1 Le Mans winner is J5 and the yellow #2 4th place car is J6.

    • According to Ronnie Spain we have it right, J6 wearing the number 1 came in first and J5 painted yellow and wearing the number 2 came in 4th.
      According to other sources I have found online you could be right. This will require more research.

  • Mike is correct I believe. The Ford Museum have the winning car- J5. And Jim Glickenhaus who owns the #4 says that his car is indeed J6.

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