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Ford GT40 chassis number GT 101 :

General info:

The first car was named the GT (for Grand Touring) with the 40 representing its overall height of 40 inches (1.02 m, measured at the windshield) as required by the rules. Large displacement Ford V8 engines (4.7 liter and 7 liter) were used, compared with the Ferrari V12 which displaced 3.0 liter or 4.0 liter.

Early cars were simply named “Ford GT”. The name “GT40” was the name of Ford’s project to prepare the cars for the international endurance racing circuit, and the quest to win the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

The first 12 “prototype” vehicles carried serial numbers GT-101 through GT-112.

GT 101 Race results:
04/64 / Le Mans Trials, 9, Schlesser, DNF

GT 101 History: No data yet

Configuration: steel monocoque coupe chassis. Engine: 255 indy. Trans: Colotti T-37 4 speed. Delivered to Ford/FAV, Slough, England.

The original Ford GT or GT40 as we call even the early prototype cars now, chassis GT 101 was supplied by Abby Panels in coventry. It was built in only 16 days. It was announced to the press on April 1st 1964 at a hotel near Heathrow airport, London England.

Any one have photos or film of this event? Hard to believe no photos exist of such an important affair in the world of motor racing.

Wonder if they had any hint of what they started? I would have to believe they did as chassis GT 101 looks as beautiful as any GT40 does now.

The car had completed a total of 464 test miles. The car met it’s end on lap 8 of the Le mans trials, or did it? History does not record weather the car was scrapped and the next chassis was built up or this chassis was re-numbered as a later chassis. No one has supplied the eminent facts so people continue to wonder if indeed the first GT40 chassis 101 still exist, rebuilt with another chassis number.

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  1. I have seen photos of this car on the internet but do not know who has the copyright. There are photos in the factory showing final preparation; press photos on the tarmac with airport hangars and passenger jets in the background; photos on a giant lift platform as the car was loaded on a plane bound for New York. In April the car went to France for the LeMans trials where it was written off. I have seen photos of the car at LeMans – parked up, on the track and at the scene of the crash. The front end and left side of the car looks pretty badly damaged. Hope these comments are useful.

    1. Thanks Brian, if you know where those photos are online send me a link. send to mrrbob at or use the contact form here


      1. Was just reading GT101 info which states chassis was delivered March 16, 1976. That can’t be correct. FYI I am a retired Ford engineer who designed the throttle body for the current Ford GT.

        1. Thank you David for catching that detail. I have obtained this info from various sources and did not catch that detail myself. I have removed the erroneous date.

          Sounds like you had an interesting job while working at ford.

          1. I believe this car recently sold for $7M at a mecum auto auction in 2014. Pictures and video are plentiful.

  2. The Mecum car that sold for $7 million was GT/104 which went to the Miller family and is currently housed in Boulder, CO at the Shelby American Collection with seven other original GT40s.

  3. The Lola registry lists (3) Lola mk6 cars built, in 1963, and all three exist today …. in 1964, they show (4) Ford-powered GT’s said to have been built …. This is the only mention of this anywhere I can find …. since FAV, Lola and later JWA were essentially the same location, could these have been Ford GT 101, 102, 103 & 104?

    an inquiring mind wants to know, thanks

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