Ford GT40 Chassis History

DNR Replicars Inc

DNR Replicars Ford GT Replica
DNR Replicars, Inc.
562 Riverside Drive
Ashville, NC 28801
(828) 713-3303
Manufacturer of the Python 2000 Diablo, and Diablo Roadster Lamborghini
replica kits. They also manufacture a Ford GT40 replica.

7 Responses to DNR Replicars Inc

  • Please send me info on your GT40 cars and kits and related prices. Thank you.
    Jim Gorrell

  • Tom I am ready to pick up the dash for the Lamborghini but I have lost your #. Would you call me 8287502272 or8282412842

  • hello
    I live in France
    and I am interested to buy a Ford GT 40 in kit form.
    Can you send me a precise documentation and prices.
    with thanks
    Jacques Chevillon
    Phone 0616364214 in France

  • I need turnkey pricing on gt40 and countach (25th anniversary edition).

  • Hello my name is Rick I was going to find out about any Lamborghini replicas you may have if you could please contact me at 770-546-8727 you can call or text me or email me at thanks

  • I am looking to purchact a kit – Lambo Gallardo Diablo or gt 40 … looking to stretch a Fiero or possible a tube chassis… I would appreciate any info on your products! Thank you regards Anthony …. Ottawa Ontario Canada will you be attending the Carlisle show in May

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