Holman Moody Superformance GT-40 Mark II for sale

This amazing car was built as a one-off project to commemorate the Holman Moody #5 entry in the 1966 24 Hours of Le Mans, which placed 3rd overall in a 1,2,3 sweep of GT-40 MKII’s. The project was completed in 2009.

It was packaged closely with Lee Holman who participated in providing historical detail that only he could provide for accuracy. Details included color, exterior lighting, graphics and drive train details. Mark Ray spent some amount of time locating a NOS FE 427 sideoiler block.

The 427 power plant was built and invoiced by Holman Moody (Holman Automotive Inc). Internals include an original set of Le Mans rods similar to what the car had at Le Mans 1966. The intake is a recasting of the original with a single 4V Holley camshaft, which was ground by Larry Wallace of Holman Moody in the noted “882” profile. One very cool part of the package is the original-style stainless steel “bundle of snakes” in 2 1/4″ runner diameter and fully polished. These are, to our knowledge the only original style headers on an FE powered Superformance MK II GT-40. The transmission is a 2008 Quaife ZFQ installed by Olthoff Racing.

Other rare features include right hand drive and right rod “outboard” shifter. The car has a fire suppression system in place, air-conditioning, MK I color-keyed set of 15″ rims with Avon tread, AN EXTRA SET OF correct MK II 15″ RIMS with Avon tires and it’s own custom JACKS.

BEST OF ALL …. IT’S STREET LEGAL and currently titled in NC as a “Year: 1966 / Make: Shelby / Model: repl”. It has great street manner and it’s air conditioned, which makes it very driveable.

Other documentation of assembly, dyno and install details by Olthoff Racing are available. This is a very unique offering with a special focus on the automotive history of a grand time in endurance racing.

Superformance and aftermarket upgrades:

* Leather seat and console upgrade.
* Electronic speedometer upgrade.
* Exterior light upgrade.
* Additional firewall dampening, to minimize engine noise transfer to passenger compartment.
* Upgraded harnesses with cam-lock design for both occupants.
* Carpeting and door seal overlays.

This rare GT-40 is in EXCEPTIONAL CONDITION. The build was completed in 2009 and it has belonged to just one very appreciative owner, the man who commissioned the build. Maybe the only two things that are better than the way this car looks, are the way it drives AND THE WAY IT SOUNDS. Email me at ken@gas-motors.com and I’ll send you a link to a video!!!

Link to sales page with more photos and details

Listed on ebay at $129,480 buy it now with 100k opening bid level


The Great Deals section will chronicle the great deals out there on GT40 cars being sold. Find one you think is a great deal? Submit it here “for the record”.

This car is featured here because I believe it to be a very good value for what you are getting. It is a top quality car and would certainly cost about this amount to just buy the parts. That means you get the labor for free. There are many hundreds of hrs and thousands in labor in a car of this quality. People spend years getting a GT40 replica to this level of quality. Take advantage and buy this car in finished running condition. Drive while others are spending their precious time chasing parts.


Author: Robert

5 thoughts on “Holman Moody Superformance GT-40 Mark II for sale

  1. I own a Superformance Cobra and interested in this car. Can you provide more info on the engine, e.g. Horsepower and internals. My Cobra is 427 SB dynoed at 621 hp. Like to hear the video of it running.

    Thank you
    Gordon W. Beers

  2. I was there that year a young sixteen year old boy by himself taking pictures of everything. Anyway the only one I have left (its a long story) is one of the Holman-Moody GT40#5,driven by Bucknum-Hutcherson, it shows the car after a crash or acident, I believe this was before the race it self. Can you shed any light on this for me?.
    When did it happen, who was driving, in fact anything you can tell me. Thank your time. Mr D.Venables.

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