GT40 P/1001


Ford GT40 chassis number GT40 P/1001 :

General info:

The first car was named the GT (for Grand Touring) with the 40 representing its overall height of 40 inches (1.02 m, measured at the windshield) as required by the rules. Large displacement Ford V8 engines (4.7 liter and 7 liter) were used, compared with the Ferrari V12 which displaced 3.0 liter or 4.0 liter.

After chassis GT-112 the “production” began and the subsequent cars, the MkI, MkIIs, MkIIIs, and MkIVs, numbered GT40P/1000 through GT40P/1145, were officially “GT40s”

GT40 P/1001 Race results:
06/66 : Le Mans, 60, Ickx/Neerpasch, DNF –
08/66 : Brands Hatch, 109, Rees, DNF –
09/66 : Zeltweg, 2, Ireland/Spence, 10th –
11/66 : Kyalami, Hobbs/Spence, DNF – Killarney, Hobbs/Hailwood, DNF –
12/66 : Kumalo event 2, Hobbs, 1st – Kumalo event 4, Hailwood, 1st – Lourenco Marques, 6, Hobbs, 2nd – Pietermaritzburg, 3, Hobbs/Hailwood, 1st –
01/67 : Kyalami, Hobbs, DNF –
03/67 : Snetterton, 51, Hulme, 2nd – Silverstone, 1, Hulme, 1st –
04/67 : Silverstone, 28, Hulme, 2nd –
05/67 : Silverstone, 43, Gardner, DNF – Crystal Palace, 41, Gardner, 4th –
06/67 : Oulton Park, 149, Lucas, DNS – 07/67 : Silverstone, 41, Lucas, DNF – Brands Hatch, 51, Lucas/Pike, DNF –
08/67 : Croft, 30, Lucas, DNS – Zeltweg, 1, Hulme/Lucas, DNF – Brands Hatch, 55, Lucas, DNF – 04/68 : Monza, Raeburn/Shenken, DNF –
05/68 : Zandvoort, Raeburn – Nuerburgring, Smith/Raeburn, 20th – Spa, 41, Raeburn/Shenken, DNF –
06/68 : Silverstone, Cox, 4th – Brands Hatch SGT, Cox, 8th – Brands Hatch Libre, Cox, 5th – Silverstone SGT, 125, Cox, 2nd – Silverstone Libre, 125, Cox, 1st – Snetterton, 190, Cox, DNS – Snetterton, 190, Cox, DNF – Silverstone SGT, Cox, 1st – Silverstone, Cox, 3rd –
07/68 : Vila Real, Raeburn, 10th – Hockenheim, Raeburn, 11th – Snetterton, 102, Cox, 3rd –
08/68 : Brands Hatch, 100, Cox, 8th –
09/68 : Snetterton, 133, Cox, DNS – Snetterton, 133, Cox, DNS – Crystal Palace, 81, Cox, 6th – Silverstone, Cox, 3rd – Oulton Park, 59, Cox, 3rd – Thruxton, 167, Cox, 4th –
05/69 : Silverstone, 14, Daghorn, 10th – Oulton Park, Daghorn, 12th –
07/69 : Croft, 7, Williams, 13th –
08/69 : Thruxton, 9, Daghorn, 7th

GT40 P/1001 History:

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GT40 P/1001 Photos:

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10 thoughts on “GT40 P/1001

  1. My father owned this car during 1969 when he owned Malaya Garage. I would like to knw if it is still in someone’s ownership as my mother kept laods of scrap books on the racing of this and his Leda Formula 5000 cars. They have quite a few photos of the car during the years that he owned it.

    1. I would love to publish some of those photos. If you would contact me at mrrbob at gmail dot com we can arrange something.

    2. Hello Chris
      I am delighted to advise you that I have owned GT40P1001 for almost 30 years now ! She is in original condition, coveted and prized all these years. Last out for a brief run out at Silverstone in November 2013. Do contact me, absolutely love to have sight of these scrap books as part of her history. Happy Xmas
      Peter Teichman
      07768 355553
      0208 370 6885

    3. Hi

      I may provide a missing link as I purchased 1001 from Malaya Garage in about 1970 and registered under VKO9J.

      I owned the vehicle for a couple of years and purchased a Ford V8 engine (possibly a standard 289 cu inch and sold all around 1973 (for around £4,000!!).

      Hope this is of some assistance.

      Terry Smith

  2. Just seen the correspondence re P/1001. It is the ex Essex Wire bought 1996 by Bernard White. We were a bunch of amateurs who enjoyed motor racing. Originally Bernard named his team ‘Team Chamaco Collect’ but soon changed it to Bernard White Racing. The first car bought was a front engined single seater for his cousin Vic Wilson to drive. Vic hailed from South Africa and raced a Lotus XI there. The Lotus soon departed. The team then comprised BRM 216/5 now owned and raced by Andrew Wareing, ex Maranello Concessionaires Ferrari 250LM and the GT40. The teams finest hour was 4th place at the 1966 Monaco GP driven by Bob Bondourant – only four cars finished! Bondourant didn’t like us much, thought we were amateurs (we were and had more fun than he did). It’s well over Three years since Peter Teichman’s post. I do hope he still owns the car. It would be pleasant to see the car again. I have great memories of A test day at Silverstone with Innes showing me the best lines in both the GT40 and the LM. Bernard sadly is no longer with us. He left his petrol head days behind and went to live in Spain in 1970 and passed away 2007. I could write a book on our exploits, in the meantime I will enjoy the nostalgia my GTD GT40

  3. Apologies for the error in my previous post – Bernard white bought the GT40 P/1001 in1966 not 1966

  4. Hello,
    Peter Teichman, owner of GT40P 1001 for last 32 years. She’s totally unmolested and original in my ownership. If you need up to date photos, as she’s not seen out a lot these days , please contact me. Rgds PT

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