GT40 P/1031

Ford GT40 chassis number GT40 P/1031 :

Color as delivered: unpainted.

Delivery configuration: bare chassis. 1031 was delivered to SAI to replace GT/106. Completed as a Mark II with a 427 with a 4 speed Kar Kraft trans with Halibrand allow wheels. 1031 was first raced as a Holman Moody car then a Shelby Team car.

After the 1966 Le Mans race the car was prepared and used as a show car. Next it was shipped back to Holman Moody for preparation for the 1967 Daytona race.

Le Mans 1967 race was the last for 1031 as a Mark IIB car. During this race the car was involved in a serious crash. It was returned to Holman Moody were it’s fate was unsure. In 1976 the car was restored then sold to a customer in Japan.

GT40 P/1031 Race results:

02/66 : Daytona, 95, Hansgen/Donohue, 3rd –

03/66 : Sebring, 2, Gurney/Foyt, DISQ –

06/66 : Le Mans, 6, Andretti/Bianchi, DNF –

02/67 : Daytona, 5, Andretti/Ginther, DNF –

04/67 : Sebring, 2, Foyt/Ruby, 2nd –

06/67 : Le Mans, 5, Gardner/Mc Cluskey, DNF

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  1. I own the steel box that was used to carry spare transaxles to LeMans for chassis 1031. It is clearly written “1031” inside the box. Lee Holman of Holman Moody has seen the box and verified its history and what it was used for.

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