Ford GT40 Chassis History

GT40 P/1031

Ford GT40 chassis number GT40 P/1031 :

Color as delivered: unpainted.

Delivery configuration: bare chassis. 1031 was delivered to SAI to replace GT/106. Completed as a Mark II with a 427 with a 4 speed Kar Kraft trans with Halibrand allow wheels. 1031 was first raced as a Holman Moody car then a Shelby Team car.

After the 1966 Le Mans race the car was prepared and used as a show car. Next it was shipped back to Holman Moody for preparation for the 1967 Daytona race.

Le Mans 1967 race was the last for 1031 as a Mark IIB car. During this race the car was involved in a serious crash. It was returned to Holman Moody were it’s fate was unsure. In 1976 the car was restored then sold to a customer in Japan.

GT40 P/1031 Race results:

02/66 : Daytona, 95, Hansgen/Donohue, 3rd –

03/66 : Sebring, 2, Gurney/Foyt, DISQ –

06/66 : Le Mans, 6, Andretti/Bianchi, DNF –

02/67 : Daytona, 5, Andretti/Ginther, DNF –

04/67 : Sebring, 2, Foyt/Ruby, 2nd –

06/67 : Le Mans, 5, Gardner/Mc Cluskey, DNF

GT40 P/1031 Photos:

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