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As of now I do not have a history of the the GT40 posted. I will ad a History article some time soon, this will take some time as I will have to write it up so it is unique and not a copy of another site’s GT40 history page.

I suggest you visit these 2 wiki sites as they both have excellent history pages about the GT40.

Here is a site that has posted a press release from ford about the GT40

4 thoughts on “GT40 History

  1. Hi there, I have a little bit of information with regards to p/1002 fel1c that may be of interest to you.

    My father had a brief time of ownership with the car, but unfortunately his memory is not so good and he’s very unsure of dates.
    The car came into the garage where he was working, as a wreck, it had bad body damage, front end was completely missing. A doner car was scourced (also damaged) and the car was rebuilt and resprayed in an unknown yellow left over from a lotus in for respray.
    After deciding that the original engine was too much for everyday road use, it was removed and replaced with one from a sunbeam tiger. The original engine was burried in the rockery of his mothers house in Windsor!
    The car was finally exchanged for another damaged wreck that came into the garage (ferrari 250lm!).

  2. Sadly not, unfortunately he had no interest in the car at all! Infact he said it was one of the worse cars he had ever driven on the road.

  3. Hi
    I took a photo of FEL1C in yellow at Croft. The car is in road going trim i.e. carpets.
    I can exchange a low res copyright jpg for the history of this car i.e. owners names & dates, competitions etc.

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