Personal race accounts

Welcome to the Personal race accounts section.

In this section we will publish articles and photos by individuals who have attended races where a GT40 has raced.

We have been contacted by several people with stories and photos and figured this would be a great way to publish these stores.

Please readers, be gentle when it comes to presentation of exact details. Remember these individuals are remembering these races that have taken place many years ago and exact facts and details may very some what. If you see something that you think is presented wrong as far as facts go feel free to speak up and comment.

If your comment provides gentle correction of facts it will be published. If your comments is in any way an attack on us or the person who wrote the story it will be unceremoniously deleted and forgotten. Our job here is not to be detail Nazis but to present to you the reader a story concerning the GT40 that you can enjoy.

That being said we do want to know any facts about GT40 chassis number etc so please come forward if you have such details about any GT40 you see here.

We want more photos and articles submitted for every one’s enjoyment so if you have photos and details about a race you attended in the past please feel free to submit them to us for publication here.

1965 24 Heures du Mans By Larry Girouard