GT40 P/1030

Ford GT40 chassis number GT40 P/1030 :

Color as delivered: unpainted.

Delivery configuration: Race Prepared less engine/trans.

Shipped out to be completed by SIA but returned due to problems with registration. FAV completed the car and registered it for road use on 8/14/1967.

The car was equipped with borrani wire wheels a HP ford 289 with a standard ZF 5 speed.

1029 was delivered to Shell Oil for an advertising campaign. Afterwords it was sold to Ken Luscombe-Whyte and repainted Red.

On 2/9/1968 the car was sold to Rodney Lyons of the Epping Oil Company. It was featured in color on the cover and inside the magazine “Car” in the July 1968 issue.

1030 also appeared in AutoSport on 3/22/1968 in black and white.

The car was loaned to Ford and photographed for a double page ad in numerous magazines.

On 4/29/1968 it was sold to Colin Hyams in London. Mr. Hyams took the car home with him to Australia, the first GT40 in Australia by the way.

The car was sold by My. Hyams to Alec Copland. It is not known if Mr. Copland still owns the car.

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6 thoughts on “GT40 P/1030

  1. There are many photos of this car as it was used in many displays and adverts prior to being sold to Mr. Copland. I viewed the car in Alex Copland’s garage in late 1980’s and it was the orangey/red colour. Was in fair condition. ALex sold it to someone and it turned up a while later at Dutton’s car showroom in Richmond (Melbourne suburb) for sale, painted in the Gulf Wyer colours (assuming it would make it a drawcard?) – had not been looked after by the new owner, only painted. Duttons were not impressed and assumed the owner would probably sell it on to someone in the USA for aroun $AUS500,000 or similar at that time. It disappeareed then.

  2. Also featured in ‘Australia’s Roaring Fordy’, Australian motor Manual June 1969, pages 16-19.
    photographer Peter Barr. with Victorian registration plates 00-090. The article includes discussion of Colin Hyams ownership and some other history including a claim that it started life as a team spare and that it was shown at the 1967 New York Motor show.

  3. This car attends the downtown Newburyport MA cruisin the 50’s car show each august, i’ve seen it at least 3 times now always at the top of the street in the corded off area.

    Pretty amazing to see it out in the wild. Spoke with the owner’s wife last night she said they have owned it for 28?ish years.

    I have my own photos but there are also some here:

  4. What appears to be the original Ford Advanced Vehicles ID plate (GT40P 1030) is now affixed to a replica being sold by Shannons in Australia this week. Painted a fairly horrid yellow, it is described as a tool-room replica built in New Zealnd many years ago.
    Perhaps the plate was purloined from the Hyams/Copland car before it was exported to USA may years ago?
    Would be interesting to know what the REAL car has inthe way of ID plate today… and nice to re-aquaint the original plate with the original car after all these years if this is the case.

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