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Original GT40s at Classic Le Mans

This thread is about original GT40 cars at the Classic Le Mans race, Many great GT40 photos in this thread.

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  1. S/n 1062 was sold at the 1999 Silverstone auction by I.Weber from Germany to David McErlain (uk).
    Hans Hugenholtz drove it in the 2000 and 2001 Tour Auto winning overall both years.
    In addition he raced it at various races incl Silverstone Historics.
    He then bought the car in 2002 and has raced it since then at Le Mans Classic (2004 with Patrick Tambay), Goodwood Revival, Masters SRC, Zandvoort!, Dijon, Spa, Brands Hatch etc.
    A leaking fuel cell caused a fire at the 2006 Le Mans Classic while the car was doing 180 mph.
    The car only suffered minor damage but it was completely rebuilt anyway with new door sills (loads of rust there) new wiring and a repaint.

    1. Thank you Hans
      I will publish this updated info on the GT40 P/1062 page when it is added.


  2. Hello,
    I was looking for an original ford gt 40 year 1966;
    I have seen a gt40p 1045 and the owner said that the car is original because he had the english papers of it.
    Can you tell me how i can see that the car is no replica ?
    Kind regards Eric

  3. About 30 years ago i recall a very early or prototype GT40 being restored in the Vancouver area. A friend took me to Jim Brokenshaw’s (sp?) garage where he was working on parts of it.
    Which car is this?

    Also there was a Mk III street car in Washington state owned by the guy who ran Pay and Pak and was seen in the pits at drag races in the mid to late 60’s. Is that car still around?

  4. I don’t know if this has been answered already but 1968 Le Mans you have GT40 P/1074 wearing the number 10 and GT40 p/1076 wearing the number 11, that is incorrect. 1074 was one of the old light weight Mirage cars M10003 that was converted into a standard GT40. You can easily tell this by the door handles, it had standard GT40 door handles while the two new cars for 1968 Le Mans ( 1075 & 1076 had quick release handles the differ from any GT40 that came before and after 1075 & 1076.

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