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9 thoughts on “feedback

  1. Hello, some information about a GT40, P/1042. Your assertions are correct in it having carbonfibre bodywork and modern hitech instrumentation. It appears also to have a new monocoque chassis. “May the real 1042 stand up please?”, as 1042 is being currently reconstructed by a professional classic car restorer using the original 1966 bodywork off 1001. This has recently been verified by Ronnie Spain and John Allen is also digging into its history. So your site might wish to state that 1042 has a duplicate, currently undergoing reconstruction using the body off 1001… the 1966 Le Mans Essex Wire car driven by Ickx and Neerpasche.

    1. Hello Andrew
      I will keep the info here for now then ad it to the GT40 P/1055 page when it is published.


  2. Is it possible to update info on GT40 P/1055? I am the current custodian and can supply additional information if you would like to update the site.

    Kind regards,


    1. Hello Gaven
      I would love to have the updated information about GT40 P/1055. I can publish what ever you would care to submit including info and photos. Thanks much.

  3. Shame to read the comments on this chassis, 1042 was the factory
    brochure cover car with the SNO-240D English number pate on it. The
    car was owned w/ the plate and some gulf colored panels by Bill Rattey
    inn North Attleboro until 1980 when it was sold with his Maclaren M8F
    tub to a fellow from California.

    1. You mean the GT40 replicas? Those are simply for people like me who don’t have over 1 million to buy a real GT40. If built correctly they can be quite fast. Even people who may own a real GT40 but may be rowdy race drivers (like me) may want to build and drive a nice fast replica so they don’t wreck a real GT40 that is part of history.

      Remember, imitation is a form of flattery and I think of the replica GT40 cars as tributes to the real GT40 cars. Hope you can appreciate them for what they are. I am only going to publish minimal information about the replica cars on this site but I do believe they have their place. I would like to own a well done example and so would many others.

  4. s/n 1062, which I bought from David McErlain in 2002, was the 2000 and 2001 Tour Auto winner driven by me.
    The car has been raced extensively all over Europe, incl Le Mans Classic (all of them), Silverstone Classic, Zandvoort, Dijon, Spa, Brands Hatch etc.
    Fire damaged due to a leaking fuel cell at Le Mans Classic in 2006, the monocoque was completely restored, with the outer sills replaced due to extensive rust, new fuel lines and new wiring.

  5. Hello:
    When I sent the message via the contact form, first it took an eternity. Then, on second try, it went through immediately but I got a page with your directory folder !
    Just to let you know.

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