Ford GT40 Chassis History

Active Power Inc

Active Power GTR MK1
Active Power Inc.
2597 Townline Road
Madison, OH 44057
(440) 259-3090
Manufactures M6 GTR, GTR MK1, GTR 2D, GTR 70 vintage racing coupes
inspired by Ford GT40, Chaparral Cars, McLaren Cars, and Lola Cars
on a custom ZSR race chassis with Corvette components

4 Responses to Active Power Inc

  • Hey Chris, are you back in business building GT40s ?

  • Hi Bill, I don’t think he is as the website seems to be down.

  • Hi: I’m curious if you recieved that comment concerning chassis #1051. Also leaning towards a complete roller….if I were to locate a DFV motor; could you be involved in installing it? Please quote dimensions of the GT 40 to include ground clearance. Bill

    p.s. To see what I have done since moving to the Caribbean; check out my web site I am in the process of selling this business and have already aquired 2 acres of undeveloped land in Port. St. Lucie; Florida with plans to get back into car stuff.

  • hello
    I live in France
    and I am interested to buy a Ford GT 40 in kit form.
    Can you send me a precise documentation and prices.
    with thanks
    Jacques Chevillon
    Phone 0616364214 in France

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