Ford GT40 Chassis History

GT40 P/1029

Ford GT40 chassis number GT40 P/1029 :

Color: Silver cloud polychromatic with red, white and blue trim.

Delivery configuration: Race Prepared. Wheels: Borrani wires.

The car was delivered and prepared for the 1966 Le Mans race but was involved in an accident in practice when hit from behind by the Alan Mann Racing Mark II, chassis # XGT-2.

This incident nearly led to Ford’s withdrawal form Le Mans. Chassis 1029 was brought to FAV, stripped of usable parts then scraped.

GT40 P/1029 Race results:

03/66 : Sebring, 23, Holquist/Jennings/Koveleski, 13th –

06/66 : Le Mans, 63, Holquist, DNS –

GT40 P/1029 Photos:

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2 Responses to GT40 P/1029

  • I think this must be the car that sat outside FAV for years’ under a tarp? if so it was “bought” by John Marshant in late 60s’ who sent itdown to their bodywork man in Devon where it was dismantled & sat around for years. John had planned on building it up using an alloy body styled on a lotus 11 but sadly died before completing. He had the 2 rear borranis’ of this car hanging above his workshop door for donkeys’ years and the fronts made into 2 workshop swivle chairs!

  • The engine and gearbox from this car ended up in a Lola T70 Spyder in France with the ZF mounted upside down. The Lola has since been restored with a Chevy, and someone has bought a damaged chassis for repair and is re-building this car around the original engine and gearbox, using many other original GT40 parts.

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