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This superb GT40 is none other than M3/1101, the prototype of the Mark III, originally built in 1966/67 around a modified tub which began life as a standard Mk I.  As a road car it appeared in several magazine articles in the late 1960s.
Now its tub has been put back into its original MkI configuration, just as it left Abbey Panels, and the whole car has been refinished to standard MkI race specification, FIA-approved and fully eligible for vintage/historic racing. The restoration has been completed to a very high standard, at a documented cost of over £170,000 plus VAT, and this gorgeous car is once again ready for the race track.
Just in case a future owner might one day want to see 1101 back in its MkIII trim, all the MkIII parts removed during the rebuild were retained and are now being built into a new GT40 which is to be sold with this lovely car!
It’s quick, and it’s ready to go.

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