This website will be a single source where you can find most everything about the Ford GT40 in one place organized for easy access. Emphasis will be placed on the chassis history of the original GT andGT40 cars built. Any useful and interesting facts and info about these cars, their history and the people involved will find a place here.

If you have anything to contribute please do so via the comments system or our contact form. If you have any corrections about anything published here please speak up. We have endeavored to be accurate but remember, we were not there to witness these events so we have to rely on what we find. In the end this website will never be finished, it will be constantly updated with new and more accurate information as we find it and as it is submitted to us.

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Info and Photo submission: We are always looking for new information about the GT40, the Ford GT and any replica GT40 cars, builders, parts etc. If you have information in any form and would like to submit it to us for publication then you may send it to us at mrrbob at gmail dot com or use the contact form on the main menu.

If you send anything to my email address please place the words “GT40.net contribution” in the subject line. Use this address to send photos unless you have a huge number of photos to submit, In that case  use  our mailing address below to send a CD or DVD containing the photos. Please include your contact information (phone – email) so we may ask questions if needed.

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