Ford GT40 Chassis History

C & G Automotive Inc

C & G GT40
C & G Automotive Inc.
22015 Airport Rd.
Aurora, Oregon 97002
503-678-1115 – this was their website but it looks like it is no longer active so we have removed the link to it.

News as of 5/29/2012: It looks like C & G Automotive Inc is no longer in business.
U.S. Distributor for high end manufacturer of replica
Gt40 MkI’s. Selling Component packages, Rollers and Turnkey Cars.

News as of 5/29/2012: Upon a recent check of website it appears they are no longer in business so we have remove the live links from this listing.

If they do happen to still be in business and you know the details or what there website address is please use the contact form below and send us the info.

4 Responses to C & G Automotive Inc

  • Hi I spoke to you a year ago.I live in canada.,curious do you have a gt 40 car that is complete and at least 15yrs old?If so, how much .Thx Ben

  • hello
    I live in France
    and I am interested to buy a Ford GT 40 in kit form.
    Can you send me a precise documentation and prices.
    with thanks
    Jacques Chevillon
    Phone 0616364214 in France

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