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GT40 P/1108 is for sale on ebay see it here at this link

—|information below was copied from the ebay auction & used with permission|—

Monsieur Jean-Claude Biver, Director of HUBLOT Swiss watches has graciously authorized me to advertise for sale his unique and original, FORD GT40 # P1108 P70 MK1. This chassis was produced by Abbey Panel after the end of the production of GT40 in the fall of 1969. This chassis was considered by the factory as a spare  for competition and street GT40.

It was sold at the beginning of 1971 by JWA (John Wyer Automotive) to J.A Pearce in Southall, Middlesex-GB with the other sister chassis P/1109 and other original spare parts coming straight from the factory.  David Piper bought and assembled  P/1108 and converted it  to right hand drive.  P/1108 was painted in black with gold strips.  s A special seat upholstery was made at  floor level, because of the size of the new owner ! Early 1972,  P/1108 was delivered to West Germany to Mr. Thomas Esselborn from Mannheim.

The German authorities refused  the street  homologation. Years later,  P/1108 was accepted by the German authorities and  a registration document was issued. Tomas Esselborn drove daily P/1108 during 10 years for short drives between his residence and his working place.
A first restoration was made late 70’; P/1108 changed color to white with a central green stripe and the back face green as well. The Borani wires wheels were replaced by aluminum B.R.M . Unsatisfied by the result, Mr Esselborn sent a few years later P/1108 to England to Hall & Fowler.  He got it back in April 1985. P/1108 was painted again in white with central green stripe. In 2005, the speedometer was showing  7300 miles and  P/1108 changed  owner.  It became the property of  Mr. Graf Strasoldo-Graffember.

He made a complete rebuild of engine, transmission, suspension and brakes. He painted it in white and this time with a central strip and two small green lines on each side of the central stripe.Mr. J.C Biver purchased  P/1108 in 2012.

Powered by a HP FORD 289 c.i. ( 4.728 Liter), Weber downdraft carburetors, a ZF 5 Speed Transmission syncro Type ZF/DS25 – GT40. Mounted with Borrani wire wheels and jewel. four spare B.R.M. type complete wheels. Original vented racing seat and a thinner seat to accommodate a 6+ feet driver.


This vehicle is in Corseaux, Switzerland, Custom Import Papers are already issued and cleared for import in the U.K., GERMANY and SWITZERLAND.

My name is Phil Henny, I am the intermediary seller for Mr. J.C. Biver. In 1966, I was a chief mechanic, in charge of the 24 Hours of Le Mans’s famous Swiss Racing Team Scuderia Filipinetti’s Ford GT 40 Program. Employed by Carroll Shelby in 1967, I participated in the development and construction of the Ford MKIV that won the 24 Hours of Le Mans, driven by Dan Gurney and A.J. Foyt.

For the last fifty years I have been around and familiar with most of Shelby American and Ford Motor Company’s fabulous racing machinery. I built them, I repaired them, purchased and sold them and enjoyed the unique experience of driving them!

FORD GT 40 P/1108/ P73, is in magnificent condition, ready to be raced or street driven. Please Email me through EBay for any questions regarding this rare jewel.


—|information above was copied from the ebay auction & used with permission|—

GT40 P/1108 is for sale on ebay see it here at this link


2 thoughts on “GT40 P/1108

  1. Here is an outstanding opportunity to purchase an original Ford GT40 at a very good price.
    Check back in five years…what the market value of # 1108 $$$. Will be.
    There going to be a lot……if I would have known…! Take care. Phil Henny

    1. Thanks for stopping in and posting Phil, this is certainly a wonderful car and it seems a vary fair price. I do believe the value will continue to appreciate in the future.

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