GT40 P/1016


Ford GT40 chassis number GT40 P/1016 :

General info:

The first car was named the GT (for Grand Touring) with the 40 representing its overall height of 40 inches (1.02 m, measured at the windshield) as required by the rules. Large displacement Ford V8 engines (4.7 liter and 7 liter) were used, compared with the Ferrari V12 which displaced 3.0 liter or 4.0 liter.

After chassis GT-112 the “production” began and the subsequent cars, the MkI, MkIIs, MkIIIs, and MkIVs, numbered GT40P/1000 through GT40P/1145, were officially “GT40s”

GT40 P/1016 Race results:

02/66 : Daytona, 87,Ginther/Bucknum, DNF – Sebring, 4, Foyt/Bucknum, 12th –
06/66 : Le Mans, 5, Bucknum/Hutcherson, 3rd –
02/67 : Daytona, 4, Donohue/Revson, DNF –
04/67 : Le Mans Trials, 2, Donohue

GT40 P/1016 History:

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GT40 P/1016 Photos: See top of this page

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