GT40 Chassis GT 106 for sale

Ford GT 40 MK II 7 Liter prototype, Chassis number: GT 106 is for sale

GT40 chassis number 106 Photos:


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Below is an excerpt from the listing:

“During the test program with the already ultra fast small block GT 40, Ford decided to build, as a second generation GT 40, two 7 litre prototypes which would go even faster.The order to build this cars, GT 106 and GT 107, with the 427 CID engines was given to Kar Kraft, a company belonging to Ford.

Work started in July 1964 on GT 106 and was completed by May 1965. GT 106 and GT 107 where 2 out of the 4 prototype chassis build out of thinner sheet metal -22 gauges instead of 24-gauges in an attempt to reduce weight.

These second generation MK II GT 40 were basically completely different cars. To cope with all the extra power of the big engine, a new 4- speed manual transmission including differential got developed by Kar Kraft, many chassis alterations had to be made to allow the big engine.”

“10. 07.1991 FIA (FICHE D’INDENTITE POUR VOITURE ANCIENNE) have been granted. With the assistance of Brian Wingfield GT 106 was raced in many historic races all over the world, like Silverstone, Tour de France, Nürburgring with invitations to Aida Japan, Laguna Seca (Pebble Beach) USA. In several races the car finished first in front of a bunch of Ferrari Prototypes. In 2008 new, current FIA papers where issued, the car had a new complete overhaul, including engine, gea rbox, brakes, suspenions, new FIA requested rubber tanks. Wiht the car there are several boxis of spare parts, gear ratios, spezial tools and two extra sets of wheels.

GT 106 is again ready for Racing and winning. ”

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