1966 CAV GT40 – 640 HP For Sale

1966 CAV GT40 - 640 HP


CAV GT40 wide body, 511″ Keith Craft built FE all aluminum Tunnelport, original Ford GT40 NOS intake converted to EFI by Kinsler, FAST fuel management system, Shelby block. The intake cost me $5K BEFORE the conversion.

Dyno’s 640 HP 689 Torque. ZF 5 speed, A/C. Stainless steel headers, jet coated to control heat.

All parts used were new, NO DONOR PARTS!!. Car was assembled by Kinnetic Racing in Detroit (was there over a year).

I have all dyno sheets and invoices for the work performed. This car is very unique, having a big block Ford FE engine installed, it’s scary fast.

You won’t see another like it. Car is titled in Florida as a 2004. Need the space, Asking
Price – $ 95,000 much less than I have in it

Contact info here

Post date: 12/10/2010


I would buy this is a section featuring cars I would buy on impulse if my wife would just give me custody of the checkbook once in a while.

This section will chronicle the great deals out there on GT40 cars being sold. Find one you think is a great deal? Submit it here “for the record”.

This car qualifies [ for I would buy this is a section]  due to it being a CAV top quality car and it having an all aluminum 640 HP big block ford engine all at a price less then I have seen for lesser GT40 cars offered. Out for a drive with your local GT40 club? You can trounce all the small block ford powered cars and be the BIG DOG of the group. The owner claims the price of 95k is less then he has invested, I believe it and would lay claim to this car if I only could find that damn checkbook, WTF did my wife hide it…..

Author: Robert

8 thoughts on “1966 CAV GT40 – 640 HP For Sale

    1. Only way to know is follow the link and try and call the owner. If you do so please give us a report.

  1. The owner of this car in Florida passed away. Car was sold and many of the performance features (including intake) was removed. Then it was resold. Car is still very nice but not what it once was! Rob/Atlanta

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